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What peeps are saying about BCC . . . 

"I made it my goal for 2014 to complete my first Ironman in under 11 hours having never ran a marathon nor ridden more than 65 miles. Needless to say, I had a lot of work to do! Not only did I exceed my time goal for Ironman I also won my age group in my first 70.3, PR'd my open half marathon time in that race, raised my FTP by 20% and improved my swim more than the previous 2 years combined! I can't thank coaches Al and Kristen enough for the commitment they made to my racing success this year. Bottom line, if you have big goals, coaches Al and Kristen can help make them happen!"

- Mike Pierson

"This was my first full season with BCC. I was in the market for a coach that understood my busy schedule, could hold me accountable, wrote easy to understand but killer workouts and a coach that I could connect with on both a personal and professional level. Al and Kristen have exceeded all of those expectations this year. Every race that I did was a PR and my race results exceeded even my own expectations. They understand my busy schedule and were very accommodating if something came up. My wife and I even spent a weekend with them at a "mini-training camp"! They have been absolutely fantastic and I look forward to many more seasons under their guidance."

- Mike Feldman

"This years season was a great season. I had so much fun. I got much stronger, did great for my age group, and yes even with me just being 12 years old. I kicked some serious ASS this year in my personal times and just beating the competition which drove me to keep going. A lot of it came from my awesome coaches Al and Kristen Wade. Also my parents were a huge part of it. They went running, and biking with me, and drove me to my races. Same with my coaches and they even took time to go swimming not just with me but anyone who wanted to come that was on the team. All In all I think it's a great sport, for fun or just to get stronger and meet some great people."

- Luka Forve (12 years old)

"If you are looking for a coach to get ya on the right track look no further than Kristen and Al Wade. For me, they took all the worry out of figuring out my own triathlon and marathon plan without getting burned out. They have guided me through my training in such a way that it has allowed me to be successful, competitive, and burn-out free. To top it off, I have not had one single injury in the one and a half years that I have been training under them. I have always been a competitor in my age. I have done a dozen races under their coaching and have placed in the top 3 in my age group at every race as well as being in the top 10% of females. Kristen and Al have trained me from a small triathlon to a half ironman then to a full Ironman. Each race I have hit my goals and the training has always been spot on. After hitting my goal time for my Ironman the recovery felt minimal. Three days later I was shocked to be pain free in my legs, I questioned if I was dreaming if I did the race or not. Al is great at dialing into giving the athlete a great plan. Kristen is fantastic at being an emotional supporter when you need to chat about a workout or feeling like something isn't right. Together they are a great team and they drive success from their athletes." 

- Megan Weis

"Braveheart Chicago Coaching has coached me through a marathon, my first three Olympic triathlons, and my first trail marathon this year.  Their coaching has prepared me well for all of my events.  The workouts have been challenging but well-balanced with recovery time.  I have never felt over-trained—which was always a problem when I prepared for marathons on my own.  The workouts are individualized for my needs, included working around travel and adjusting to a changing class schedule every few months.  Braveheart coaches Al and Kristen are experienced and I have really benefited from their depth of knowledge."

- Abby Omerza

"Kristen and Al are awesome coaches! They really get to know you and listen to your wants and needs. From there they design a program to take you to the next level."

- Kevin Convey

"Al and Kristen were teaching a running class that I participated in. They both were and still are truly inspirational in my journey to fitness. It is there motivation and encouragement that has pushed me to finish 2 Half Marathons. I have recently begun training for Mini-Tri's and eventually a 70.3. They have taught me to 'Embrace the Suck.'"

- Bryan Suits

"I have known the Al for more than a decade now and have known Kristen for almost as long. They are simply amazing. Wether you want to run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, full, triathalon, ultra, trail-run, century ride...Ok, whatever your endurance sport is they can help. Even if you just want to lead a more active lifestyle and lose some pounds, they are for you. And as mentioned in the other reviews you need not worry about being intimidated or not having fun. You can reach your goals with help from them and have a great time doing it. I recently completed my first marathon and the program they put together and advise they gave was crucial to completing my goal. They even offered advise on pre-marathon nutrition. The day of the marathon I felt great and while it was not easy, I finished with a smile. I know I could not have done it without their help and advise. I can't thank them enough. Now, what's Ultra maybe? I know who can help me with that."

- Cliff Lo

"I knew Kristen through work and she knew that I was active in high school with sports that included cross country, basketball and track. After high school is when I started to work with her and I think she sensed that I needed competitiveness again in sports. So she suggested that I try my hand at running and introduced me to their coaching. So I commited to doing my first marathon last year in April. Kristen and Al were extremely helpful to me for motivation, mental fitness and physical fitness. Everyday They were there for me to email or text with any questions I had or worries about a race. They also covered nutrition during work outs, races and as a lifestyle change. There training programs pushed me further than I ever thought I would have gone before and I have no plans to slowing down." 

- Timmy Hunckler