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About BCC

We've taken the body / mind coaching philosophy of 3x Off Road XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson and her Sports Psychologist hubby Dr. Simon Marshall and given it a Chi-town twist, hold the ketchup! 

Under the tutelage of Lesley and Simon, Braveheart Coaches Al and Kristen Wade offer a unique combination of personalized coaching methods to help you reach your best you on race day! If you think canned training plans and limits on coach interaction is "bollucks" then read on . . .

At the core of our philosophy is one simple truth: You are more than a data point.

Although many training programs claim to offer special algorithms that gauge your adaptations to training stress, fulfilling athletic potential is, unfortunately, not so simple. But don’t take our word for it: there are whole libraries of new research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology that offer insights into our flawed neurotic brains. This is mostly ignored by exercise physiologists who seem intent on reducing you to an x,y plot.

At Braveheart Coaching Chicago, we understand the importance of coaching the whole person. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of science-based training techniques, drills, splits and progress assessments, but at its core, it’s about building a trusted relationship to help your mind and body reach its potential. And, this takes a team.

The deets on Kristen . . . 

I'm a little bit dirt, I'm a little bit road. I'm a lot punk rock! I have a lot of tattoos and I swear like a sailor, though I've never been in the Navy. I have been a reporter and baker but never a candle stick maker! I'm a Colorado native temporarily housed in Illinois and I once wrote a book on triathlon spectating. I've been around the block in endurance sports and racing. I've completed 20 marathons including Boston. I have a few ultras and three Ironman triathlons under my belt. I have a BA in English and pay my bills working as a firefighter / paramedic. I love my stepsons, I love my husband, I love my doggies and I'm trying really hard to teach myself the ukulele in the off season.  

The dirt on Al . . . 

I grew up about an hour outside of Chicago. I left Illinois when I was 18 and joined the Air Force. By the time I was 19 I was responsible for a $17 million dollar jet. I've lived in Japan, Alaska, Texas and Florida. I'm counting the days until I can move west . . . the trails call to me. I'm a mountain biker at heart. I grew up racing BMX and just about went pro. I'm also a firefighter / paramedic. I once owned a bike shop and I'm pretty sure I have more pairs of running shoes than my wife, it's an addiction and I'm not ashamed! I've run marathons, ultras, Ironman tris, XTERRAs, and 24 hour mountain bike races. I too like tattoos. I believe there's just not enough bad-assery in triathlon. For God's sake, it's not golf!